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First time meet and fuck

So your about to meet a guy/ girl online for the very first time and your feeling a little nervous? Anxious perhaps? Then why not take a peek at our dating guide, these tips will allow you to have the best date possible and of course if you and your new partner hit it off? Then you can enjoy a no strings fuck at the end of the evening. I hope this first time meet and fuck tips guide puts your mind at ease as it does with all our first time meet and fuck members.

Dating appearance the do’s and don’ts

1. Don’t dress to flashy casual is always the way forward
2. Always keep your hygiene in check ie don’t go out with dirty nails, always brush your teeth, make sure you don’t smell of BO – This is a very big no no!

Next step the conversation :

1. Don’t make it all about you! Ask about him/ her their likes dislikes etc
2. Be open and warm – Before going on the date think of stories you would like to share this gives your new partners a little insight about you.
3. Never be bitter about old relationships etc your new partner will run a mile.

Finding the perfect venue:
1. Find a place you know and will feel comfortable in ie restaurant or your local café
2. The place you choose must always be public and very safe, this helps you both relax
3. Don’t go to a place where its too noisy you want to hear what each other has to say after all.

When the dates finished:
1. Be polite and tell your date how much of a good time you have had everyone should be treated with respect
2. If you decide that your not going to meet up again then let them down gently

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